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Concerts of Prayer and Praise

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of Concerts of Prayer and Praise

Budatinska 47, 851 06 Bratislava, Slovakia * Tel.: +421-2-63827897 * e-mail: kancelaria(zavináč)
Name of account: Centrum pre pripravu Koncertov modlitieb a chval, Swift Code: TATRSKBX * Tatra Bank - Bratislava, Slovakia, Account No.: 2667250007/1100 * Registered Charity Number: 31749259

The organizational committee of Concerts of Prayer and Praise provides both in Bratislava and in other cities in Slovakia the platform for the unification and working together of Christian churches and fellowships within that unity. The main goal of this non-profit organization is that through the praise and worship of God, his people might be assembled on a regular basis in a neutral auditorium, and through this gathering see the doors of spiritual unification, spiritual warfare through prayer, and revival opened. Through the personal sanctification process that will take place in all involved as we submit to the authorities God has given us, we want to allow God to bless the work of spiritual unification, warfare and revival in the increasing number of participating Christian fellowships. At the same time, we want to be looking for new vision and horizons in the plans of God for Slovakia. In accomplishing the purpose to which God has called us, Concerts of Prayer and Praise desires to serve individual churches, congregations, fellowships and the entire community in which we live.

Interest in the activities of Concerts of Prayer and Praise is not only in the Christian Community, but in the secular world as well. The directors of this organization were invited to meet with the former President of Slovakia Michal Kováč, as well as Peter Kresánek, the mayor of Bratislava. Following our second meeting we began to organize the possibilities of our working together with the mayor's office and the individual districts of the capital city, Bratislava. The first outcome of this union was a work project in which 150 predominately youth cleaned a park bordering the banks of the Danube River. Through this they demonstrated love in a practical way and in so doing let it be known that the source of their motivation to serve was Jesus Christ.

Through the concerts we have also been able to help organize and maintain prayer groups in the schools and dormitories in the city. Many are blessed through this, and we are seeing a new excitement in those who are personally coming to know Jesus Christ and are allowing him to change their lives. All of these elements are encouraging growth in the individual Christians fellowships that are involved in the concerts and contribute to some extent to the development of unity among God's people.


The official definition of the organization Concerts of Prayer and Praise (COPP) is: "A goal oriented, interdenominational and voluntary group of Christians in Bratislava who through prayer, instrumental and vocal praise, drama, dance and technical, organizational and financial matters are preparing the Concerts of Prayer and Praise, resulting in the establishment of a neutral platform for the cooperation of churches, congregations, and Christian fellowships in the Slovak Republic for the purpose of spiritual unity and battling together for revival."

Concerts of Prayer and Praise (COPP): "A regular (monthly) meeting of strategic spiritual and social significance that makes possible the unifying of God's people at one time in one place, regardless of denomination, for the purpose of praise, prayer and worshipping the triune God."

On a more personal note

The vision for the project COOP was given to me in 1990 when I began to perceived God's gift of freedom in the political situation in former Czechoslovakia. I had been waiting for something, because years before, through a number of people, the Holy Spirit had given a particularly unique prophesy for my life. It was unique in that I come from, and at that time attended, a church where this type of thing never happens. But the Lord certainly always has his own path and plan. For the next two years I prayed alone regarding this vision, asking the Heavenly Father to reveal the appropriate time and people upon whose hearts he had also laid this burden.

At that time I was a student, and I thought to myself, "It won't be very soon. I must first finish the studies God has sent me to complete." I was actually quite shocked when at the end of my first year of studies at the College of Medicine I gained a strong conviction in my time of prayer that God wanted me to begin by September of the following school year. I said, "Now, Lord? I have tests in anatomy and science ahead of me." But the work of God's Spirit among the youth of Bratislava made the answers to my questions quite obvious. A prayer movement and the warming up of relationships between Christian fellowships began to grow. The situation was ripening for a work of God. The clarity of what God had revealed to me enabled me to make it through the negative reaction of a few skeptics. (They appear very wise and instructive. Don't allow yourself to be dissuaded by these people. Don't forget, a little water doesn't hurt anything. I think the Church needs a few firemen who can test the reality of the fire. I mean, its not possible for the fire of God to be extinguished quite so easily.) Through my holidays I looked for those believers through whom God could confirmed his direction or to whom he had given this same vision.

My meeting with two men was particularly interesting. I had previously known nothing about them. I had been given their telephone numbers but at first had really not paid much attention to them. It was a difficult situation to understand. Imagine how you would have responded if an unknown, 19 year old teenager had called you and insisted that he knows that in a short time God wanted to unify the Christians of Bratislava in a gathering to praise Jesus Christ and prayer for revival. I can clearly remember how in prayer the Holy Spirit's touch made it immediately clear that I should call these numbers. I praised God when on the receiver I heard, "Yes, you are right. We need to meet and talk together about this." Today, after having been involved with the Concerts of Prayer and Praise for two years, I know that there God could not have sent me better people to work with. These two are key players in this entire project.

In September 1993, a group of people representing every church and fellowship in Bratislava began to meet for prayer. For half a year we met together to pray.

To this day I admire these people who endured so long, awaiting for something both unseen and difficult to realistically visualize.

COPP and its fruit

In February, I visited almost every pastor in our city and presented them with the project we had prepared. On March 12, 1994, the first COPP began with the public blessing of the pastor or his representative from almost every church or fellowship in the city. Together in prayer before our Creator these leaders expressed their desire for mutual, spiritual unity. This for me was cause for unboundless thanks and praise to our Lord. The auditorium was totally full. We had anticipate that approximately 350 would come, but almost 500 came and you could not even get into the auditorium.

The numbers continued to grow, and with this a problem of where to meet. There are only two auditoriums in Bratislava with a capacity of more than 1000. Not only are they very expensive, but they are difficult to reserve. Through the remainder of the year an average of 800 attended the concerts, with the final concerts having 1200-1400 people in attendance.

A team of leaders was organized as a part of the structure of the project COPP. It consisted of representatives of the churches and the directors of each department of COPP.

And hour and a half before each concert is a prayer meeting for pastors and representatives of each of the individual fellowships in the city. They also review the program and mutually decide whether it is necessary to make arbitrary variation for that evening's concert.

In the autumn of 1994 we helped interested students organize prayer groups on about 25 high school and college campuses. These were again organized for the next school years.

The Lord has sent us to other places as well. The President of the Slovak Republic, Michal Kovac, invited us to a private audience with him, in order that we more clearly explain our activities. Soon after that we also visited the Mayor of Bratislava, Peter Kresanek. These were unique moments when we could represent the reality of Jesus Christ in our own lives, as well as tell of what God is doing among Christians in Bratislava and in other cities in Slovakia. Both of these men were surprised with what they learned and expressed thanks to the Christians for their prayers, as well as confirming their support for the work COPP is doing. We are particularly thankful for the friendly contact and the desire to work together that we have found with Mayor Kresanek. We can clearly see God sovereign direction and work in this.

This relationship will be very useful in the future in order that we be able to reach the entire city with the good news of our dear Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in cooperation to create the groundwork for the ways in which the office of mayor and COPP can work together, not only in anticipation of the future, but in specific things that have already been planned.

Our Lord is the one, living God with limitless possibilities. Let his Kingdom be seen more and more in our community. Let his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Marek Krajci

Chairman of The Executive Council of COPP

Prepared by: The Organizational Committee of COPP Webmaster: Marek Krajčí