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Concerts of Prayer and Praise


of Concerts of Prayer and Praise

The friends of Concerts of Prayer and Praise (COPP) are those who have decided to support the vision and work of the Organizational Center for COPP either through consistent financial contributions or through one time financial gifts. These foundation financial gifts make possible the activities of this non-profit organization. These activities include monthly Concerts of Prayer and Praise that are organized free of charge in Bratislava and other cities throughout Slovakia; the annual Slovak Conference for Concerts of Prayer and Praise; training courses and seminars in the areas of leading worship, improvement of use of musical instruments, support and instruction for beginning Christian artists in different spheres of current art, the organization and support of prayer groups in schools and dormitories and any activities to serve the city and individual churches.

Our Vision: To be an instrument of the Holy Spirit
in a movement of prayer and praise to united Christians
in preparation of promised revival.

Friends of COPP will be mailed free of charge one copy of the magazine KROK and informational material regarding planned activities. They will receive a discount on the annual conference organized by the Organizational Center of COPP, a 15% discount on Cds, cassettes and products of this nonprofit organization.  The last 4 copies of the magazine KROK will be mailed free of charge to every new friend!

Friends of COPP are those who, by the end of the calendar year, deposit a minimum of 40,- USD. Those who desire can remain as Friends of COPP for the following year can do so by contributing the prestated donation.

Please, pay in account (Tatra Bank - Bratislava, Account No.: 2667250007/1100, identification number: ddmmyy - date of birth, specification number: 777) or enclose a cheque payable to Centrum pre prípravu Koncertov modlitieb a chvál, Budatínska 47, 851 06 Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Your birth number will be also your identification for the mentioned discount.

If you have a desire to contribute financial and become a Friend of COPP, please send us an e-mail: copp(at)copp(dot)sk

Prepared by: The Organizational Committee of COPP Webmaster: Marek Krajčí