I am thankful and excited at how this conference really became our joint conference. Bratislava churches offered help both practically and materially to a greater extent than we have ever experienced before. Godís hand was evident from the spiritual, organizational, attendance and financial side. This showed us clearly that God can use our united potential for the births of things that we had thought were impossible for the church today. Yes the City lighthouse vision has become a real plan which is beginning to be worked out. It is just up to us to implement this; letís believe Godís word and be prepared to take our city together whatever it is going to cost us.

Pastors of Bratislava involved in the ďChristians in the Cityď committee invited the Australian pastor Roland Seow as the main speaker. He was already personally known by most of them because he had ministered in Bratislava three years ago. This time he came with his wife Evelyn and he brought with him two prominent business leaders from Singapore : Jimmy Tan is a skilled trainer of people in major international companies and Benny Ong is an experienced investor and financial consultant for business leaders in South east Asia . Both of them are wonderful spiritual ministers who also preach mostly in Asia ís churches. Thanks to them the conference had a lot to offer to many business men and leaders who were professionally enriched through their seminars and training sessions. Rolandís wife Evelyn ministered mostly to ladies and Sunday school teachers. She and Roland had a seminar for married couples. Pastor Roland preached at every main meeting.

On Friday in the cinema hall in Istropolis Roland spoke about Godís glory in the church. This meeting was broadcast live on Slovak Radio7. On Saturday in Istropolis biggest hall he preached about the ... followed by challenge for those who wanted to give their lives to Jesus as their Savior and Lord. This decision was publicly made by about 15 people for which we thank God. On Sunday morning, at the end of the whole conference there was a joint worship service for a number of Bratislava churches. The 1300 seater hall was packed full. At this worship service I was joint by 40 singers and musicians from various Bratislava worship teams.

We felt that God rejoice when He heard our praises and He blessed them. Pastor Roland then shared Psalm 133 with us. He explained that the oil of blessing would flow from the head to the whole body and therefore called us to support Christian leaders. At the end of the sermon together with the whole congregation he prayed for about 25 church leaders and leaders from Christian organizations.

I agree with pastor Roland that the conference was in many ways a breakthrough. After less then two years since the birth of the pastoral board ĄChristians in the Cityď our work and relationships have grown significantly; the enthusiasm of the local churches was evident. This was seen in the number of people who came as we were able to gradually turn back the until recent declining attendance trend at our conferences. All the seminars and joint services were packed full except for the Saturday evangelistic meeting. I personally expect the attendances to keep growing as peopleís excitement after the conference was visible; many gave thanks for a very blessed weekend. I believe that several things that we have manage to get going by our united efforts in the last two years will continue to grow and that the Unity of Godís people in Bratislava has broken through to a higher level. Our leaders need a lot of prayer because their contribution is a key to the future dynamic growth of Godís Kingdom and the further movement of God in Bratislava .

We started the year of prayer at the conference. This is certainly not just a united project of 24-365 initiative (24 hours, 365 days of uninterruptive prayer), but in this way Godís challenge is presented to each of us personally. God wants to draw near to us; He wants to entrust us with part of His plans for our city. I believe that we will listen carefully to Him.

    Marek KrajčŪ 








organized by: Concerts of Prayer and Praise and Christians in the City committee in cooperation with the local churches