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Concerts of Prayer and Praise

Conclusion of Conference '96

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In the end of August 1996 christians from all church backgrounds from all over Slovakia spent four great days at the Pasienky Sports hall in Bratislava. This first historical gathering of God's children broke many divisions and prejudices which Satan had put among God's people, and to our whole society. After the federation with the Czech republic disintegrated we could see division throughout all Slovakia in every area, even in the Church. Slovakia takes first place in Europe in divorces of young married couples. In Petrzalka - the biggest housing estate in Central Europe - almost every second marriage is broken. Our society is extremely politically polarised which causes hatred between students, friends and even in families.

We need to see reconciliation, we need to forgive each other, we need to start loving and supporting each other. I am very grateful to God that we can see the beginning of this process within the body of Christ, in His Church. This conference opened up a whole range of possible opportunities and proclaimed loudly to all church leaders that this is possible. The reason for our divisions are sometimes ridiculous!

The 17th November is the date when students of the former Czechoslovakia started something which was later called The Velvet Revolution. It was the beginning of the total crash of the communist regime in our countries. The remarkable fact is that a young generation was used by God to start all these great changes. The biggest changes of our present history were started by the young generation.

The first fact one noticed after entering the Sports hall was how many young people there were! God is doing something marvellous in and through this generation!

During the time of the conference I could experience a tremendous release of unity, joy and creativity. I could feel the One who is the source of all these things. He was exalted by the praises of more than 1700 united people in the hall. To be honest my expectation was for a greater number, but what God did, and is still doing, has far exceeded my expectation.

Lastly some of the pastors of the city in their regular meetings have said that they appreciated what the conference has brought to their congregations. Pastors, who at first questioned the appropriateness of the concerts and the way these were organised, have now changed their attitude to me and to the ministry in general.

Marek Krajci

Chairman of The Executive Council of The Project

Prepared by: The Organizational Committee of COPP Webmaster: Marek Krajčí