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Concerts of Prayer and Praise

Conclusion of Conference '98

Topic: Living Close to God

28.-30. augusta 1998
Sport hall Pasienky, Bratislava

We have been building a neutral platform along with the help of Graham Kendrick and Noel Richards during our previous conferences. This year we decided to give more of the conference time to Slovak leaders. Our partial aim was to build bridges, friendships and networks between Christian churches and organizations. The other focus was to help all participants build their personal relationships with God. The central theme of the conference was: Living Close to God. These are two very important bases.

We invited a Slovakian worship group from Kosice (the second biggest city in our country). They have applied the model of Concerts of Prayer and Praise in Kosice for about one year. Miro Toth, the leader of this group and youth pastor of Apostolic Church in Kosice, was one of the key leaders of this year conference. Along with him, young leaders from different Slovakian towns and cities help us to lead this event. We had a good time. We shared our visions and how we could learn to serve each other. I think one of the stirring aspects for the conference delegates was to open their lives to new relationships and friendships.

In spite of not inviting the foreign worship group, the attendance was not lower than last year. We are glad because this proves that God is the originator of this gathering. People are not coming for the performance of good music or famous speakers but rather to be together, pray together, worship together and support this vision.

We could see new relationships develop in the area of church planting, missions and prayer networks. We can also see the growing desire in the hearts of the young people to change their lives, families, towns and cities according to God's will. The evening concerts were very anointed. Every evening hundreds of people responded to the love of the God in deciding to set apart their lives for God and His Kingdom. Their faith even goes beyond the boarders of our country. I personally know people who want to go in the near future to Bosnia, Croatia and Africa as missionaries.

Glenn Livingston invited Hungarian and Romanian Christians leaders to Bratislava. They wanted to see this model and do something similar in their countries. Glenn reports that the leaders participating in our conference have already started planning a similar gathering of God's children in Hungary.

We were able to cover our expenses this year. This is as a miracle for us. The price for renting the hall went up though we kept the conference fee as it was last year.

In the last year I began doubting whether our work has purpose. I felt myself and my co-workers isolated from other churches. I thought there is no way to help others to come together in God's direction for our country. It was difficult time. But I forgot that our God is working even we do not see it and that it is His desire to see us as one for His purpose in Slovakia. The good news is that there is the group of Christian leaders (mostly pastors of young churches) in Bratislava who desire to come together. During their last meeting I noticed that there is friendship and thrust between them. I realized this was God's doing, resulting from the past four years of our work in Bratislava. There is growing numbers of Christian leaders realizing the need for true unity in the body of Christ. It is God's work and we need to be faithful and stand firm in all He has called us to do!

MUDr. Marek Krajčí

Prepared by: The Organizational Committee of COPP Webmaster: Marek Krajčí